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Artist writings
Includes diaries, memoirs, and critical or philosophical essays. These types of texts ground readers and potential collectors in the oeuvres of artists who have not benefited from the commercialized publishing industry. The Press provides artists with opportunities to promote their work, thereby making it more compelling to audiences. Through these publications dealers, collectors, and auctioneers gain information they need to make key investment decisions.

Artist writings in progress
Two books of artists’ texts are planned that can be realized in under two years:
Sofia Dymshits-Tolstaya (edited by Lucy Kostelanetz and Jane A. Sharp) - see also keybios.

Gia Edzgveradze (edited by the artist). Both of these projects are launched, the first includes autobiographical material including the artist’s unpublished memoirs and reproductions of works both identified as existing and lost. This book will be a major contribution to the history of modernist art in Russia and the West. It will be edited in New York, but produced in Amsterdam.
Books by Gia Edzgveradze, a major artist working in Germany whose critical and philosophical writings are in much demand in Europe. He has published individual texts in various catalogues, but the book proposed by the 41°artpress would focus on his performance texts, and include a cd of his performances. In these two cases, the Press acts as a collecting point for the material and will provide the needed editorial support for the books by hiring the services of other editors (style and copy-editing), designers, and organize the books’ assembly and production through printing.

Artists monographs
These books will be devoted to individual artist’s works, either specific projects such as Gia Edzgveradze’s “Bride” performances and installations, or larger studies of an artist’s entire oeuvre.

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